The latest in dash and deck mount LEDs: Code 3 Intrepid Series

The Code 3® Intrepid Series Dash LED uses state-of-the-art TriCore® technology LEDs to send a bright, clear signal. The extraordinary visibility and off-angle performance that TriCore lightheads deliver creates a signal that can be seen at far greater distances than any other current lighting technology. The new flared visor allows a much greater off-angle light signal, particularly useful when approaching intersections. The new locking swivel feature allows universal mounting to fit the curve of any windscreen.

Design Features:

  • Red, blue, amber or white LEDs available
  • Split colour combinations: amber/red, red/blue, white/red, blue/amber, blue/white, amber/white
  • 40 user selectable flash patterns
  • 5 year warranty on TriCore lightheads
  • Multiple mounting options including deck mount bracket and windscreen suction cup mount

Download the brochure for Dash LED HERE and the Deck LED HERE