Rocker Switch Mounting Bracket Kit

Rocker Switch Mounting Bracket Kit

For installing an array of switches onto a panel, when through mounting isn’t possible. Use in conjunction with 82159 bezels.
Holds from 2 to 6 bezels (not included). Snap-together assembly: no special tools needed. Available only as a retail BP unit, which contains two bracket sections and brass stabilizing rods. Kit brackets engage with bezels. Brass rods snap into brackets to stabilize the unit.

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  • Under dash mounting brackets
  • Snap together holds 3-5 brackets
  • Brass rods to stabilize section
  • Assembled kit mounts on top of or under the panel
  • Mounting holes .710” x .265” (18.0 x 6.7mm)

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  • 87167-01BX Rocker Switch Mounting Bracket Kit

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