Low Frequency Siren Amplifier

Low Frequency Siren Amplifier

LFAMP Low Frequency Siren Amplifier


  • The LFAMP is intended and approved for use as a secondary acoustic warning device only and must be activated by the InterClear output of a standard Code 3 siren.
  • Intended for use with Code 3 C3100LF Speakers only
  • Instant On – Operates automatically when the InterClear output of the primary siren is active
  • Status LEDs – Green LED indicates that the device is on and that the remote input is active (+12 VDC).
  • Status LEDs – Red LED indicates that the LFAMP is in protect mode due to a fault condition such as overheating
  • Remote Switching – A positive signal from the primary siren’s InterClear output remotely activates the low frequency tone
  • Screw Terminal Connectors – Provides ease of installation
  • 10.5 – 16 VDC
  • 100W/200W Peak power
  • LF yelp siren tone

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