Heavy Duty Battery Jumper Studs

Heavy Duty Battery Jumper Studs

A battery jumper studs allow direct connection to the battery at more easily accessible locations inside or outside the vehicle.

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  • Heavy Duty Battery Jumper Studs
  • Impact resistant threaded mount bushing
  • Self locking mounting nut
  • Suits panel up to 9mm
  • Hole Dia Flats 28.5mm, Body 36mm
  • Cable stud 3/8”-16, D 9.5mm, L 15mm
  • Includes lock washer & brass hexnut
  • Brass jumper stud 20.6mm, H 29mm

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  • M46210-03Bx Black Negative Boxed
  • M46210-02Bx Red Positive Boxed
  • M46210-03B Black Negative Bulk
  • M46210-02B Red Positive Bulk