Dual Deck 1800mm Lightbar

Dual Deck 1800mm Lightbar

These lightbars are the same Code 3 quality as used on many USA and most Australian emergency services vehicles.
OEM quality and design with many available upgrade options provides class leading emergency warning solution.

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  • Aerodynamic polycarbonate construction: low wind drag, UV resistant, extremely robust
  • Silicon gasket sealed modules: easy service access with full moisture and dust protection
  • Aluminum chassis: fast and robust full length mounting options internally and externally
  • Modular design: easy upgrade of extra functions at any time, including marker and side alley lamps
  • Upper deck: allows multiple lens colour, lighting, mirror and signage options for many applications
  • Clear lower deck: allows multiple LED colour functions, low current draw with high visibility

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Illuminated centre section
  • X514080 4 Rotators, Illuminated Centre, 12V
  • X518080 4 Rotators, Illuminated Centre, 24V
Full length Amber lens
  • X51400040300 4 Rotators, 4 Cnr LEDs, 5 Front & Rear LEDs, 12V
  • X51800040300 4 Rotators, 4 Cnr LEDs, 5 Front & Rear LEDs, 24V