Dual Battery Key Switch Select Discon

Dual Battery Key Switch Select Discon

This removable key dual battery selector/master disconnect switch will suit any vehicle that needs to use two batteries where one battery is used for starting the engine, while the other is used to power auxiliary loads. UL rating 707B .

This is a common situation in trucks, boats, RVs, police and rescue vehicles, and in ambulances and fire equipment.

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  • Dual Battery Key Switch Selector And Disconnect
  • Key locked for extra security
  • High impact plastic case, knob and insulator
  • High temperature engineered plastic case
  • 4 position dual battery control
  • Position 1: Batteries OFF
  • Position 2: Battery #1 ON
  • Position 3: Battery #1&2 ON
  • Position 4: Battery #2 ON
  • Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant
  • High impact, flange mounting
  • Heavy duty copper stud terminals 3/8″

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  • M751 Dual Battery Key Switch Select Disconnect