Code 3 XT Series Surface Mount LEDs

Code 3 XT Series Surface Mount LEDs

Compact yet powerful LED Surface Mounts!

The Code 3 XT Series exterior LEDs are an excellent perimeter light for road safety vehicles. With no bulb replacement ever required, the XT Series are sturdy, reliable and super bright.


  • Clear lens with high output amber LEDs
  • Shock and water resistant, potted circuit board
  • 4 and 6 LED: 22 selectable flash patterns
  • 3 LED: 12 selectable flash patterns
  • Synchronised flash pattern with other LED lightheads

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XT6 Series
  • XT6-RB-DV Red/Blue LEDs
  • XT6-RR-DV Red LEDs
  • XT6-BB-DV Blue LEDs
  • XT6-WW-DV White LEDs
  • XT6-GG-DV Green LEDs
XT4 Series
  • XT4-RB-DV Red/Blue LEDs
  • XT4-RR-DV Red LEDs
  • XT4-BB-DV Blue LEDs
  • XT4-WW-DV White LEDs
  • XT4-GG-DV Green LEDs
XT3 Series
  • XT3-R-DV Red LEDs
  • XT3-B-DV Blue LEDs
  • XT3-W-DV White LEDs
  • XT3-G-DV Green LEDs