LSS222 LED Beacons: featuring simulated rotate function

When maintaining your vehicle or vehicle fleet, an important thing to check is how your amber beacons are going. If they are looking a bit tired, maybe you should checkout the new Britax Code3 LSS222 LED Beacon range featuring 16 high output LEDs, 40 flash patterns including simulated rotate patterns, and a tough polycarbonate lens.The LSS222 range are multivoltage, draw only 1A at 12 volts, and never need replacement globes due to the long life LEDs – so you won’t need to worry about them again for a long time!

Available in various colour combinations and mounting options (including magnetic base versions), the LSS222 joins the CL199 as one of the most advanced warning beacons on the market.

View the Code 3 LSS222 Beacon product flyer