ESG Asia Pacific Announces New Website Launch

ESG Asia Pacific Announces New Website Launch

ESG-AP-Web-SSESG Asia Pacific is pleased to announce a new website launch for the region. This launch includes a simple navigation system to help first time visitors to get introduced properly, while familiar users can get to anywhere in the site with just one click.

The two main ways to get into the site is via the big blue ‘Enter’ button. This is for people unfamiliar with the company and/or website. The other way is the shortcut links that are in the footer of every page on the site (including the home page) that takes you directly to all the main pages in the website including the online product catalogue, brochure pages, and contact page.

Some key features of the new website:

  • Mobile device friendly (responsive)
  • Enhanced product search and filters
  • Enhanced image gallery on product pages
  • Enhanced brochures page with filters and previews

The Asia Pacific regions other websites; and will also remain live for now.