Dust n Diesel Reader’s Winning Story

Britax recently ran a competition in the Dust n Diesel magazine where the winning story about driving at night would win a set of Xray Vision 220 Series QH driving lights. And we wanted to share the winner’s story with you:


‘Whilst driving home a few weeks ago from Tooraweena to Mudgee, on a back road that I have had plenty of near misses on before, this time I was not so lucky. Travelling at night is often difficult on country roads at the best of times, especially if they are gravel and with dense scrub on both sides, looking out for roos, wombats and other animals makes it very visually difficult and hard to concentrate on driving, which was the case for me in this instance.

I was travelling along a gravel road notorious for roos and wombats, it was about 10.30pm and of course knowing animals would be out, I kept a close watch at either side of the road. My poor quality driving lights on my vehicle were just not cutting it and certainly not when I came across a truck throwing up dirt, which made vision even more difficult.

It wasn’t too long down the road the truck turned off and I thought that it would be a better trip less the dust, but of course out of nowhere, came two roos, I automatically hit the brakes and inturn my vehicle went sideways and I ended up in the dirt bank. It’s in situations like this when you wished you had spent that little bit extra money and purchased a quality set of driving lights.’

Story supplied by Linda R. Mudgee


We hope you enjoy your new set of Xray Vision 220’s Linda, and that they’ll help you to avoid similar incidents in the future!