Britax Lighting Release – LED HID and QH Driving Lights

Britax Lighting Release – LED HID and QH Driving Lights

Britax-Driving-Lights-Singles-1Introducing the new Britax range of driving lights, which includes 60W HID, 100W quartz halogen (QH), and 50W LED models.

All driving lights in the range are built using strong die-cast alloy housing and stainless steel hardware.

Both the HID and QH models feature an optics-free quartz glass lens with free-form reflector, available in dedicated pencil beam and spread beam variations—with customers being able to mix and match between two pencils, two spreads, or one of each, depending on the application they are using them for.

The 100W QH pencil beam shines around 700 metres at 1 Lux, while the 60W HID pencil shines around 1400 metres at 1 Lux. Clear polycarbonate protective cover come standard.

The new 50W LED driving lights feature a polycarbonate lens with combo reflectors, plus a unique LED position light that’s built in. With fourteen LEDs and highly polished reflectors, the Britax LED driving light shines around 400 metres at 1 Lux.

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