Britax Announces New Look Website

Britax Automotive Equipment is pleased to announce that the website has had a freshen up to bring it in line with the other brand elements and publications that we’ve been producing recently. This update also includes a new, simpler navigation system to help first time visitors to get introduced properly, while frequent users can get to anywhere in the site with just one click.

The two main ways to get into the site is via the big blue ‘Enter’ button. This is for people unfamiliar with the company and/or website. The other way is the shortcut links that are in the footer of every page on the site (including the home page) that takes you directly to all the main pages in the website including the online product catalogue, brochure pages, and contact pages. The Aftermarket links are on the left and Emergency Services links are on the right.


When you click the big blue ‘Enter’ button you are directed to a page where you can choose which department you need based on your application. From here you hit either the Aftermarket landing page or the Emergency Services landing page.

The Emergency Services landing page also gives additional information on each emergency service with the four links on the right hand side. We will add more detail to these as information becomes available.

Other than these updates, the website largely functions as per the previous one but just with a cleaner layout, better navigation, and is iDevice friendly. New features will continue to be added in the near future, so be sure to check back often!

Finally, we’ve also got a Britax LinkedIn profile and also a new Britax Facebook page – click the ‘like’ button to keep up-to-date with news, products and offers:

Britax Facebook Page | Britax LinkedIn Page