Xray Vision at the 2016 Brisbane 4X4 Show

Xray Vision at the 2016 Brisbane 4X4 Show

We’ve not long finished packing up from the Brisbane National 4X4 Show held at the RNA—one of the biggest shows of its kind in Australia!

We once again had our large display space in the foyer of the RICC building which included retail product displays, the new series of All 4 Adventure playing on the projector screen, interactive iPad lighting demos, demo footage playing on the various TVs and projectors, the now famous Lighting Demo Booth, PLUS the Xray Vision Ranger which has had a few new additions including a custom mounted 900 Series LED linear driving light inside the front grille!

We’re yet to receive the official stats from the organisers, but overall it was another busy show with lots of interest and lots of lighting knowledge being passed on from our talented sales team.