New Police Catalogue Released

We have released our latest Police Catalogue featuring many new products and a whole new layout that showcases not only the products but also the products in context of their application. We’ve included lots of on-vehicle images that show the products in place and activated, helping you to understand how the products look and function more fully.

Another new addition is the introduction pages to each section that explain the different product types, what they are used for, the technologies they employ, and more. This will make browsing the catalogue an easier and more valuable experience as products and their uses are detailed in easy to understand language and pictures.

This catalogue, Edition 11.1, showcases some of the new products that have just landed. The Code3 Defender bar is already taking Australia by storm, but you may not know that we’ve got a range of control modules and accessories that make this great lightbar even better. We are also showcasing the new Intrepid Series Dash and Deck LEDs, the state-of-the-art Code3 Z3 Siren, the new Kustom Signals ProLaser 4 Lidar System, and also the Intoximeters Alco-sensor V.

To request your copy, call 1800 659 936.

To download a low res PDF of the catalogue, CLICK HERE.


New Product Introduction Pages
Detailed Product Images and Information