Groundbreaking Product Release! The Britax CyclOne

Introducing the new Britax BFR1000 with CyclOne LED technology!

The Britax BFR1000 rotating LED beacon features unique CyclOne LED Technology with high reflectivity free-form rotating reflector and two rotation speeds and directions. Certified to SAE J845 Class 1, this beacon is truly powerful and comes with a three-year warranty.

Britax have created an all new LED beacon: designed from the ground up to create a true rotating beacon, but with all the advantages of using LED light output. The unique CyclOne technology is made up of a custom designed single source high output LED combined with a highly reflective free-form rotator—both of which work together to project a powerful warning signal over long distances.

The BFR1000 also features a tough polycarbonate amber lens with a smooth finish for increased dust resistance and low wind drag. The O-ring within the lens creates a seal that provides high dust, moisture and vibration resistance. This combined with the gel-filled base gives this beacon a rating of IP67.

Britax CyclOne LED Beacon Product Listing

The base is constructed from heavy duty die-cast alloy, which provides maximum durability and also highly efficient heat sinking for the LED system. The base comes with a rubber mounting gasket that allows for different mounting options whilst keeping the underside area of the beacon sealed at all times.

Two internal jumper selectors provide options of two rotation speeds and directions: clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation, and speeds of 120rpm or 180 rpm. The bolt base version also has an additional user selectable 30% dimming function for night use. Both the bolt base and magnetic base versions are multivoltage (10–30VDC). Certified to SAE J845 Class 1, this beacon is truly powerful and comes standard with a three-year warranty.

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